With the help of tools such as Voxware’s VMS, distribution operations teams can increase fulfillment speed to shorten time between when an item is ordered and when it departs for delivery. Voxware customers regularly see efficiency improvements of 30% from voice automation technology, which helps companies meet rising customer demand for on-time and accurate fulfillment.

But what happens after an item leaves the warehouse? What can distribution operations do to make sure items don’t encounter delays on their way to the customer? Fortunately, Intellestra, Voxware’s predictive analytics tool, can minimize the impact of disruptive events by pulling weather updates and traffic reports into the same portal as data on picking lists and truck departure schedules. With access to multiple data sources in a single platform, distribution operations team members can react in real-time to changing conditions and take actions (such as rescheduling a truck to depart earlier) to ensure that items arrive on time.

In addition to being able to understand and react to the everyday dynamics of the supply chain, Intellestra can also help companies avoid delays caused by large-scale events. With the Republican National Convention underway in Cleveland and the Democratic National Convention soon to arrive in Philadelphia, the Department of Homeland Security has restricted access to certain areas and closed roads to manage security during these National Special Security Events. As a result, distribution centers that are located in the security zones are likely to experience both inbound and outbound delays and distribution centers delivering to areas affected by the convention will face the possibility of being unable to deliver products to customers on time. Similar delays are also expected on the international stage this summer in Rio during the Summer Olympics.

While some of these delays may be unavoidable, Intellestra can help companies plan ahead so that as few customers as possible are affected. With data accessibility at every organizational level for multiple types of users and decision makers, fulfillment managers can expedite orders to ensure that they arrive in advance of events. If delays are a near certainty, Intellestra can assist companies in pinpointing exactly which customer are likely to be affected so that companies can provide up-to-the-minute status updates to affected customers.

From traffic to weather, from scheduled events to spontaneous gatherings and protests, deliveries face a number of obstacles on their way to customers. Distribution operations that have implemented a predictive analytics tool such as Intellestra can help minimize the impact these disruptions have on the customer experience.