Technology is more important than ever to maintain a competitive supply chain and seamless customer experience marked by accuracy and efficiency. Since order selection is still a human-driven task, companies must also maintain a competitive HR advantage by retaining top-performing team members.

In many cases, simply deploying voice-directed order picking instead of a paper-based system can help attract and retain top talent: the best performers want to work with the best tools and technology. Since voice is easy to train and new workers can start picking orders the first day on the job, it’s easy to adjust to seasonal increases in demand. Unlike paper-based picking processes, voice picking systems tell team members exactly what to pick, where to pick it, and tracks their progress in real time which helps reduce the cognitive load needed to complete a shift.

Of course, the key to retaining top-performing talent is having the data to understand how team members are performing. Advanced analytics tools can assign pace and pick rates to item selectors to help DC leadership understand who is performing efficiently and who is in need of additional counsel.

In fact, tools like Voxware’s VoxPilot and Intellestra™ can help companies take an HR competitive advantage to a whole new level. With real-time analytics to understand exactly where lags are happening in the DC, shift supervisors can intervene at the moment when an item selector is moving too slowly from one bin to another instead of after the shift has ended. Using one click visual analytics, DC managers can understand what work has been completed and what tasks are still in progress so that he can reassign workers as necessary. Or, like one voice customer has done, supply chain leadership can post real-time order picking progress reports on monitors in full view of all staffers to help generate a spirit of healthy competition.

While the primary bottom-line benefits of deploying voice remain gains from improved speed and accuracy, it’s important to remember that remaining competitive to customers also means remaining competitive to potential employees. Deploying technology that not only attracts and keeps top talent but also helps supply chain leadership improve workforce capabilities can help companies develop and grow a competitive and optimized workforce.