All warehouse managers know that every shift is a balancing act.  The availability of real-time actionable data can help warehouse leaders address problems as they arise and improve their ability to monitor employee productivity.  That’s great, but warehouse managers tethered to desktop computers in an office away from the floor may struggle to take action with this data. Indeed, a recent survey sponsored by Manhattan Associates found that 62% of warehouse managers are kept away from the warehouse floor because they need to access a computer and 58% are kept away because they need to review reports.

Fortunately, warehouse managers will no longer be forced to choose between the office and the floor, thanks to new mobile analytics tools. Solutions like Intellestra, Voxware’s predictive analytics tool purpose-built for the supply chain, are accessible via mobile tablets to finally provide warehouse managers the ability to leverage actionable data in real time. Here are three ways that mobile predictive analytics like Intellestra can help warehouse managers liberate themselves from their desks:

Supervise and Correct Employee Productivity: A shift is only as fast as its slowest item selector, and pickers who fall behind put whole trucks at risk for leaving the warehouse late. When the shift supervisor can take his productivity report with him to the item selectors who are lagging behind, he’ll be able to address challenges the moment they occur while maintaining contact with his dashboard.

Manage Workloads and Departing Orders: Whether an order is delayed because of shorted items, lagging employee productivity, or inefficient layout, the challenge is the same; getting an order back on schedule may require intervention at any of several touchpoints in a warehouse. Mobile analytics with delivery reports can help warehouse managers understand exactly where to get involved.  They can manage work in-person instead of over the phone, bringing their reports along.

Provide Instant Feedback on Exceptions: It can be risky to get up from one’s computer to attend to challenges on the warehouse floor.  New issues may arise while a manager is away from the reporting tools that would alert him to a problem.  This can lead to delays on top of frustrating delays. Real time mobile analytics make it easy for warehouse managers to manage exceptions as they arise, even if they’re in the middle of addressing challenges elsewhere in the warehouse.

Manhattan Associates has found that 15% of survey respondents said that mobile analytics would increase floor time by as much as 75% for warehouse managers. With tools like Intellestra, the entire supply chain operation can benefit from better productivity, real time decision-making, and better exception management.