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The food and beverage sector is famous for razor-thin margins and the complexities involved in getting product from the raw material stage to the store or shelf — on time, in excellent condition. There’s no room for errors, shorts and delays where customers are concerned. Distribution operations must deliver outstanding service levels, despite extreme demands.

There are many other risk factors beyond the distributor's control, such as changing consumer preferences and safety standards. Regulatory requirements and inclement weather must be navigated. Distribution operations managers must account for all of these factors and more, and must blend this information with internal logistics data to meet the competitive standards of this sector.

Advance the customer experience with Voxware® VMS.

Improve customer loyalty and your profitability with Voxware’s proven voice and augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

  • Near-perfect accuracy. Easily achieve 99.9+% picking accuracy, eliminating inaccuracies and errors from the distribution of products with a critical shelf life.
  • Efficiency even in freezing environments. Voice recognition is not a problem, even in minus 40° facilities. Using Voxware VMS, selectors work fast and hands-free on a variety of tasks: receive, put away, move, cycle count, replenishment, pick, pick and pass, pack and load.
  • Flexibility to use multiple modalities. Voxware’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings voice and scanning together with vision and image/video capture, allowing employees to use and/or combine the right technology matched to the specific task at hand. Learn more.
  • Agile fulfillment. Leverage purpose-built supply chain capabilities to collapse the time between order and delivery of perishable items.
  • Simplified and expedited driver deliveries. Leverage unique functionality to load orders onto pallets in a sequence that is synchronized with stops on the driver's route.
  • Fast adaptability. Quickly integrate and accommodate changes across WMS, facilities, hardware, and processes to keep up with an evolving industry.

Voxware VMSAugmented Reality (AR)

After deploying VMS,
US Foods achieved:

  • reduction in shorts by
    approximately 30%
  • error rate of
    1 error/17,000 items
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Drive real-time supply chain decisions with Intellestra®.

Give managers and supervisors a real-time view of data from sources across the entire supply chain.

  • Single platform insights. Sales forecasts, transportation data, shipping manifests, proofs of delivery and more are all visible in one place across locations.
  • Ready accessibility. Managers and supervisors at all levels of the enterprise benefit from data never before available.
  • Descriptive analytics. Know what occurred, why and avert future problems or make timely improvements, such as proactively preventing spoilage.
  • Efficient prescriptive analysis. Intellestra will help you learn the source of supply chain challenges. For example, why there was excess inventory of product with pending expiration dates.
  • Streamlined predictive modeling. Managers can easily test the outcome of multiple scenarios and choose which decision is best for business.
  • Greatly improved traceability. Limit public and corporate risk and financial consequences in the event of safety recalls or regulatory concerns.


According to Food Safety Magazine:

  • 52%
    52% of all recalls
    cost over $10M.
  • 23%
    23% cost over $30M.
Intellestra gives you the visibility to react quickly.
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What makes our solutions different?

Simply put, Voxware solutions enable you to deliver more accurately and adapt more efficiently by having essential information,
exactly when and where you need it.




“Our food warehouse is AIB compliant, and we maintain stringent cleanliness and sanitation standards. Productivity gains from the voice system give our order selectors time to assist with these tasks, so we’ve avoided hiring additional staff – a huge savings.”

Norm Bowers, Chief Operating Officer
Harvesters Community Food Network

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Performance Food Group: 50% fewer shorts on trucks99.96% picking accuracy 54% rise in service level

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Pierre’s Ice Cream: 5 weeks to go live -20°F in distribution center 99.96% picking accuracy

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