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As the healthcare industry continues a rapid evolution, executives overwhelmingly agree that improving the effectiveness of the supply chain can reduce overall costs, increase revenue and lead to better quality of care. But these goals can’t materialize unless distribution operations can deliver high levels of precision and velocity, ensuring that the right products, equipment, devices and supplies will be on hand as needed. When health and lives are in the balance, there’s no time for correcting shorts and errors.

In addition, healthcare organizations need access to real-time data about product demand and supply chain conditions from diverse sources. With more sophisticated ways to analyze and manage data, they can transform the supply chain into a strategic business asset – one that generates greater brand loyalty by exceeding efficiency and accuracy requirements across a broad spectrum of functions.

Advance the customer experience with Voxware® VMS.

Use proven voice and augmented reality (AR) capabilities to drive more efficient fulfillment and inventory management.

  • Unmatched accuracy. Easily achieve 99.9+% picking accuracy. Voxware VMS helps to improve selector velocity in a variety of tasks: receive, put away, move, cycle count, replenishment, pick, pick and pass, pack and load.
  • Flexibility to use multiple modalities. Voxware allows employees to employ and/or combine the right technology matched to the specific task at hand. For example, employees using Voxware’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology to pick items for a surgical kit can compare those items to an image/video showing the correct components, and correct any errors in real time prior to shipping (Learn more). Meanwhile, Voxware’s support for RFID technology makes processing lengthy lot numbers much more efficient.
  • Excellent supplement to Warehouse Management System (WMS). Voxware VMS, whether deployed in the cloud or on your IT system, can bridge deficiencies in your WMS, so you can benefit from optimized picking paths, generate more precise matches on cycle counts and better manage inventory without deploying a new WMS.
  • Agile fulfillment. Reduce overall operating costs by collapsing the time between the order and delivery. For example, aggregating voice prompts and responses can help you meet demands for same-day shipping (versus weekly replenishment) to various hospital floors, reducing inventory costs and waste due to product expirations.
  • Improved visibility. Voxware dashboards give distribution managers real-time views of what’s happening in the picking line. This enables supervisors to assign priority jobs to a particular employee to ensure they’re completed on time.
  • Support for customers’ business models. Employ omnichannel fulfillment, including timely deliveries to hospitals, healthcare providers, retailers and direct to consumers.

Burlington Drug Co.

  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 99.95% picking accuracy
  • 1M paper pages saved

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Drive real-time supply chain decisions with VoxPilot®.

Give managers and supervisors a real-time view of data from diverse supply chain sources.

    • 10-15% increase in productivity. Your competitive weapon to surpass customer expectations. VoxPilot tells you what’s happening, explains why, predicts what’s ahead, and shows what you can do about it. Read more about VoxPilot and the impact that its descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics can have on your operation.
    • Single platform insights. Easily see labor allocations, transportation data, shipping manifests, proofs of delivery and more, all in one place. Even public data such as real-time traffic reports, weather and news feeds can be integrated and analyzed.
    • Continuous warehouse monitoring. Decision makers at all levels can access and benefit from data never before available. Example: anticipate late orders and deliveries before they are obvious, while there’s still time to react to and prevent the problem.
    • Effective recommendations. By analyzing supply chain events, you can learn exactly what occurred, such as costly outages and overages, and why they happened so you can avert future problems or make timely improvements.
    • Streamlined predictive modeling. Use analytics to help determine future fulfillment requirements and make business decisions accordingly. Employ predictive modeling to anticipate particular demand based on previous seasonal orders, such as increases for certain products during flu outbreaks. Automate instrument and supplies reorders based on a hospital’s upcoming schedule of patient procedures.
    • Greatly improved traceability. Limit patient and corporate risk and financial consequences in the event of product recalls or regulatory concerns.

SCM World, The Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014:


of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and important  technology.

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Simply put, Voxware solutions enable you to deliver more accurately and adapt more efficiently by having essential information exactly when and where you need it.




“The system enables us to be more effective at what we do, the first time…The more accurate we are, the sooner the patient gets the supplies that they need. Any system that helps us do that in a more efficient and a more effective manner is a positive for our health system.”

Bill Myers, Executive Director, Materials Management
Mission Health System

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