It’s important to remember how fortunate many of us are to be able to celebrate the holidays with no shortage of delicious food and thoughtful gifts. Unfortunately over 48 million Americans remain food insecure. With so many hungry Americans, food banks across the country provide a critical source of nourishment during the holiday season and throughout the year.

With the help of Voxware’s Voice Management Suite (VMS), food banks can devote more of their resources to feeding hungry families. Here we spotlight three of our food bank customers and the results they were able to achieve with Voxware:

Community FoodBank of New Jersey: After deploying Voxware, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey was able to reduce the total length of picking shifts by 30%. As a result, the organization’s cross-trained team members were able to spend less time fulfilling orders and more time on other functions throughout the warehouse.

Harvesters — The Community Food Network: Not only was the deployment in this Kansas-based facility complete in a matter of weeks, but it also drove a 20% improvement in efficiency that freed up item selectors’ time to assist with maintaining strict sanitation guidelines to remain AIB compliant.  Harvester’s was able to channel more of the non-profit organization’s resources into serving hungry families.

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma: Thanks to Voxware’s Cloud VMS, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma was able to more than double the pick rate for item selectors. By picking at a faster pace, the organization was able to double its annual food distribution from a volume of 24 million pounds of food to 48 million pounds—all without hiring any additional staff.

In addition to these three organizations, Voxware also provides voice technology for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, the Greater Boston Food Bank, and the Houston Food Bank. In total, Voxware’s food bank customers serve an estimated 2.5 million hungry Americans annually and process nearly a quarter billion pounds of food ever year. To help food banks serve more families, we have also launched a community partnership to donate a set dollar amount for every pick that is completed using Voxware’s VMS. Food Banks provide a critical service to hungry Americans and it’s our privilege to help them.