How It Works

Get the data you need to drive critical supply chain decisions.

It used to be hard to stay on top of DC, supply-chain and market dynamics. Not anymore. VoxPilot is purpose-built to help you understand changing conditions, so you can quickly correct and adapt. With the intuitive tools and processes that VoxPilot provides, you can know about impending problems before they happen – and ensure customers have a great experience.

A simple process that delivers powerful impact.

Empower your people with a better perspective on your operations and business – so you can react quickly today, predict future needs and recommend viable solutions.

  • Incorporate any internal and external data sources. No information is beyond the reach of VoxPilot.
  • Let VoxPilot tools make data extraction simple. VoxPilot easily brings in and combines data from your systems and technologies, as well as other information (like weather and traffic). And this process isn’t affected even when the other technologies change.
  • Create analytical views to suit specific needs. Configure analytics for any topic or issue to help solve your most critical operational issues – and see multiple data views on one dashboard. You can modify dashboards, and create new ones, to produce any number of business perspectives.

Benefits for all decision makers.

VoxPilot enables executives and managers across the distribution center and throughout the supply chain to make decisions and take actions based on critical data. Below are examples of the ways it can assist your operations team.

  • Fulfillment Supervisor in a food and beverage company – A dashboard for reducing spoilage reveals time-in-transit problems, uncovers product not being sold or moved within a specific time frame, and identifies risks such as temperature limits exceeded.
  • Warehouse Manager concerned about inventory levels and capacity constraints – Informed decisions are made by combining and analyzing sales forecast data from Salesforce, historical seasonal inventory data from the WMS, expected inventory levels and current capacity data of each distribution facility – among other vital information.
  • VP of Distribution Center Operations – How to rebalance labor and meet demand without incurring excessive costs? Simply use VoxPilot to see an immediate view of the current activity status and real-time labor count of each area in the operation. (And that’s just one example.)

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