How to Spend the Best 15 Minutes at ProMat 2019


It is so realistic, you feel like you are running a pallet jack in the middle of a warehouse traveling down the aisle to your pick position.

Voxware will be at Promat 2019 (Booth S3975) with a new virtual reality simulation giving guests an opportunity to experience the benefits of its Augmented Reality solution.

This first-person experience demonstrates the value of using augmented reality (AR) head mounted displays (HMDs) in three sample scenarios: kit assembly, order picking, and order packing.

Each 5-minute scenario begins with the user’s avatar at a location inside a virtual warehouse, with an Augmented Reality headset within arm’s reach.  As the user puts on the virtual headset, the software initializes and guides the user’s actions, step by step in a multimodal task.

Augmented Reality in the Warehouse

Voxware’s Augmented Reality solution combines voice, scanning, image capture and vision to improve worker performance and optimize the warehouse processes.  Each VR scenario demonstration uses all four modes.

In addition, the user is able to see real-time performance metrics and can view them alongside their colleagues.  This type of performance-based “gamification” has been shown to increase task-based productivity and reduce error rates.

The studio behind the Voxware Warehouse VR experience is Philadelphia-based ImmersiveXR.  According to Adam Twersky, studio head for ImmersiveXR, virtual reality is still the best medium for communicating augmented reality’s full potential.  “Voxware approached us over a year ago seeking the best way to get their clients excited about the future of their platform.  Their product development team is really forward-thinking, so the only feasible way to simulate the actual user experience is by using virtual reality.”

In addition to the Warehouse scenario – there will be one FUN scenario at the end.  Will you get to whitewater down the Colorado River?  Sky dive over the Serengeti or race a Formula 1 car on the streets of Monaco?!  Only one way to find out – sign up!

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