DC Innovation Series

Voxware® DC Innovation Series.

With so many live industry events cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an unfortunate void in productive discussions on new strategies and best practices among warehouse and distribution center executives and managers.

In response, Voxware launched a monthly webinar series hosted by President and CEO, Keith Phillips.

Each month, Keith will discuss timely supply chain strategies with distribution center innovators.

New episodes release the second Thursday of every month.

If there are any topics that you would like to see featured in an upcoming episode, please email info@Voxware.com.

Victoria Kickham, Senior Editor of DC Velocity Magazine joins Voxware’s President and CEO, Keith Phillips, for the first episode of the DC Innovation Series of 2022. Back by popular demand, Victoria provides a recap of some of the trends she covered in 2021 and shares an overview of what supply chain leaders might expect in 2022. Keith and Victoria discuss the ongoing labor challenges and also talk about the returns process, an area where both expect change to occur in 2022.

The DC Innovation Series Presented by Voxware is proud to welcome its first 3PL guest, Mark Duffy, the President and CEO of Fond du Lac Cold Storage, DNT Express & Chilled Solutions. In this episode, Mark discusses the role technology plays in meeting and exceeding his customer’s expectations and the importance of transparency and how it took on new meaning during the pandemic. Mark also shares a good deal about the challenges and opportunities he is facing related to labor and continued growth.

John Cooper, Head of Supply Chain for Belron UK Ltd., the world’s leading vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration group joins the DC Innovation Series as its first International guest. John shares details about navigating through the global COVID-19 pandemic and adapting to new ways of working, preparing and safeguarding against ongoing port issues in the UK and answers questions about Brexit. His insight about ways the business was able to adapt and overcome and his breakdown of lessons learned during the past twelve months make this episode a must watch.

This episode of the DC Innovation Series takes a look back at some of the insight shared by previous supply chain expert guests. The compilation covers trending topics like eCommerce, automation and lessons learned throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Voxware is proud to present the DC Innovation Series and thanks all of the guests for their participation and for sharing their perspective.

Jefferson Barr, Vice President of Marketing for Systech International, joins Keith Phillips on the DC Innovation Series for an in-depth look at the role Systech plays in keeping supply chains safe from counterfeiting. Learn about the different methods and technologies that brands deploy to enable a seamless and secure brand protection journey. Jefferson also shares his perspective about the correlation between the surge in eCommerce and a further rise in counterfeiting.

Victoria Kickham, Senior Editor of DC Velocity, joins Keith Phillips on the DC Innovation Series for a look back on the top stories of 2020 and how those impacted the supply chain. The pair discuss the importance of technology and automation and the role it has played in helping organizations meet customer demand. Victoria also shares her insight about what topics will be trending in 2021.

In this episode, Keith Phillips speaks with Mark Wheeler, a well-respected influencer in the supply chain industry and the Director of Supply Chain Solutions for Zebra Technologies. The duo examine a number of topics including the evolution of automation and robotics across the supply chain, eCommerce as it relates to Holiday 2020 (and beyond) and lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandy McKay, a veteran supply chain and operations executive, most recently at Haggar Clothing Co. as Vice President, Distribution discusses the strategies and systems he implemented to help turn the supply chain at Haggar into a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Sandy provides an overview of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Haggar, the continued rise of e-commerce activity and applying lessons learned to improve distribution operations in the future.

Given the disruptions to global supply chains that have transpired since March, Katherine Ross, retired President of Johnson & Johnson Health Care Services, shares her perspective on what the industry has endured and the shift that she expects to see over the course of the next three to five years as a result of the pandemic.

Years before the COVID-19 pandemic, Puerto Rico faced a crisis of its own. In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island, impacting nearly every resident in some manner. But there were many learnings Carlos and the PRSG team gleaned from that crisis to help them be better prepared for this pandemic and he shared those with Keith.

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Mission Health System

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