The Voxware team announced at ProMat 2015 the launch of a brand new analytics platform for the supply chain. After years of seeing customers leverage the power of analytics through our own VoxPilot tool and listening to supply chain leaders who wanted even deeper insights into their operations, we’ve created Intellestra, the first business intelligence and predictive analytics platform purpose-built for the supply chain. No longer will warehouse supervisors have to manually sort through data from all warehouse systems. Now, companies will be able to bring all of their data into a single platform and understand it in real time.

The groundbreaking platform allows warehouse managers and supervisors to access a real-time aggregation view of all the data across their supply chain from sales forecasting systems to transportation management systems, shipping manifests, and proof of delivery. Supply chain leaders, fulfillment supervisors, DC managers and executives will be able to visualize multiple aspects of picking, shipping, and distribution of products in real-time. Intellestra is designed to be a self-service tool enabling users to create any number of custom reporting gadgets without having to go to the IT department.

The first two features on display at ProMat were a Staffing Predictor gadget and a Delivery Schedule gadget. The Staffing Predictor helps supply chain leaders understand staffing requirements, including the optimal blend of full-time and part-time staff. This gadget bases its analysis on relevant data including both historical and future projections to efficiently meet throughput requirements and customer demand.  The Delivery Schedule gadget will provide insights that can help warehouse supervisors reroute trucks, reassign staff, and adjust work orders to meet on time departures and delivery commitments.

We developed this tool because the market demanded it. Intellestra establishes a link throughout supply chain operations to drive the same kind of efficiencies and productivity gains that have been accomplished for many years through our Voice Management Suite and VoxPilot. We’ve conducted initial tests with some of our customers and feedback indicates that Intellestra will make a tremendous impact on the supply chain. Intellestra version 1.0 will be available in Q3 of 2015.