Introducing the Distribution Center Innovation Series Presented by Voxware

Introducing the Distribution Center Innovation Series Presented by Voxware

As live industry events have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, warehouse and distribution center executives and managers have had fewer opportunities to discuss new strategies and best practices with their peers. This is particularly unfortunate given the crucial need for supply chain innovation in these demanding and evolving times.

To help fill the void, Voxware has created the Distribution Center Innovation Series, a monthly webinar series designed to supplement industry learning and peer interaction while educating the market about voice automation and supply chain analytics.

Keith Phillips, President and CEO of Voxware, will moderate candid discussions with select customers, partners and other subject matter experts for professionals to learn from.

The first guest to appear on the DC Innovation Series is Carlos Falcon, Business Planning Director for Puerto Rico Supplies Group (PRSG).

PRSG is Puerto Rico’s largest distributor of consumer goods, distributing more than 5,000 products across the island.

Years before the COVID-19 pandemic, Puerto Rico faced a crisis of its own. In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island, impacting nearly every resident in some manner. But there were many learnings Carlos and the PRSG team gleaned from that crisis to help them be better prepared for this pandemic.

“We were very quick to adapt and keep going,” said Falcon. “Of our competitors, we were the hardest ones hit. But to give you an idea, the hurricane hit Wednesday, and we were back out serving customers on Monday. And our customers appreciated that.”

Planning, strategic decision-making and leadership were three of the key takeaways that Falcon describes as learnings from the Hurricane that helped PRSG to be better prepared this time around.

“We also learned to take nature very seriously,” he said. “When something like this new virus comes along, we have taken it more seriously than we would have if we hadn’t had that previous experience and it’s helped a lot to keep people safe.”

Be sure to check back on the second Thursday of every month for a new 20-minute episode of the DC Innovation Series Presented by Voxware. The next guest will be Katherine Ross, a retired President of Johnson & Johnson Global Health Care Services and Worldwide Vice President, Customer and Logistics Services also at J&J.

Get inspired by those who are tackling the same challenges you are facing in this strange new supply chain.

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