Maximize Seasonal and Part-Time Employees with Voice Automation

Maximize Seasonal and Part-Time Employees with Voice Automation

The ebb and flow of food service, grocery and retail cycles dictates that distribution centers add seasonal and part-time workers to accommodate increases in consumer demand. To maintain efficient operations during these fluctuations, warehouses must have a strategy in place to onboard new employees quickly and seamlessly, especially as more consumers are relying on eCommerce for home delivery.

A successful strategy must address two key issues.

First, warehouses need a process to onboard new employees rapidly and efficiently. Time spent training costs the bottom line, particularly when that energy is being devoted to a temporary employee filling a seasonal role. Additionally, outdated processes, such as paper-based picking, can be especially time-consuming to teach—and the learning curve can be steep.

Second, warehouses need a solution that can be easily used and understood by workers whose first language isn’t English. Today, nearly 20 percent of workers are non-English speaking employees and The Pew Research Center reported that the number of working age immigrants in the US is projected to rise to 38.5 million by 2035. With numbers like these, warehouses need to prepare for a workforce that are not native English speakers.

Warehouses can address both of these challenges by implementing voice automation. Not only is a voice solution easy and fast to train new warehouse workers, but it can also adapt to the many languages that warehouse workers speak. While some organizations hire early with the expectation of spending up to six weeks training new employees, Voxware often enables new hires to complete their training and start working within days or – in some cases – hours.

With the help of Voxware’s Voice Management Suite, Performance Food Group has reduced the total training time for new employees by 25% compared to the company’s previous system. Not only are employees able to start being productive faster, but supervisors are freed to focus on more important tasks.

Frontier Distributing also experienced the benefits of training new employees faster with Voxware’s voice automation. According to Josh Strangway, Fleet Facility Supervisor at Frontier Distributing, “We can get a headset on them [new employees] and have them ride around with a more experienced worker to learn how and what is being said to get them working almost instantaneously.”

Training new employees to be reliable workers is not an isolated issue here in the US. UK-based Hi-Spec Lenses used to spend up to six weeks training new employees. With Voxware, new hires are now able to start picking within hours, an 88% reduction in training time. Additionally, new employees are expected to be at full productivity by their second shift picking at comparable levels to more experienced pickers.

If you find yourself wasting too much time, energy and resources on training new employees, perhaps it’s time you considered voice automation. To learn more about how quickly Voxware is adopted by warehouse workers in a variety of languages, contact us today.

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