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Artex Increases Picking Accuracy and Efficiency with Voice

Voice technology helps Artex improve picking accuracy to 99.6%.

HAMILTON, NJ – October 15, 2014 – Voxware, the largest independent voice application company, today announced that Artex, a manufacturer and distributor of construction materials to home improvement trade and retail outlets, has improved its warehouse picking accuracy to 99.6% using Voxware’s Voice Management Suite (VMS). This improvement has increased Artex’s ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience to its supply partners while also ensuring high safety standards in the warehouse..

After deploying voice, Artex achieved and sustained accuracy gains of over 12 percentage points above their previous paper-based picking system. Additionally, Artex leveraged the Voxware VoxPilot analytics tool to gain insight into pick rates and assign pace rates for various items that led to productivity improvements.

“We set high, exacting standards for accuracy. Any order with 59 out of 60 items picked correctly would still count as a 100% failure. With Voxware, we were able to increase accuracy from an average of 87% with our paper system to 99.6%, contributing significantly to an improvement in customer satisfaction,” said Martin Dodson, Operations Director at Artex.

As a result of these improvements, Artex has decided to deploy Voxware’s VMS throughout the warehouse to help improve accuracy in other working areas, such as loading, replenishment, and stock counting.

“One of the key reasons for choosing Voxware over competing voice technologies was their team’s flexibility and agility. We needed a solution that helped us ensure accuracy not just in the warehouse but also on the loading docks where we load and ship 600 tons a day. The Voxware team was more than accommodating and helped us implement a unique and comprehensive solution,” says Tony Worn, Logistics Performance Manager, Artex.

Artex is a leading supplier of building supplies and materials to a vast network of supply partners throughout the UK. Some companies sell such heavy volume that Artex will fulfill multiple orders in a single week. Each error damages the customer experience and is costly to correct.

“Nearly every company we work with shares the same goals: improve accuracy and increase operational efficiency in the warehouse. However, no two companies have precisely the same needs and we make it a priority to understand the unique opportunities and goals for every organization,” says Keith Phillips, President and CEO at Voxware.

Voxware’s VMS is a hands free solution that helps warehouses of all sizes increase accuracy and efficiency. Hands free headsets utilize an affirmative tracking system that reduces the incidence of human error while also making it easier for warehouse staff to keep their eyes on the task at hand. Companies that deploy Voxware’s VMS regularly see accuracy improve to above 99% and efficiency improvements of 30%.

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