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Hollywood Feed Implements Voxware’s Cloud-Based Voice Solution

Retailer aims to elevate operations, better serve its customers, and increase employee satisfaction.

HAMILTON, NJ – August 21, 2012  Voxware, a leading provider of voice solutions, today announced that Hollywood Feed will deploy Voxware’s Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS) to enhance operational efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. Hollywood Feed is a provider of natural and holistic pet food, as well as ancillary services such as grooming and training. With 19 stores throughout the Mid-South area and plans to expand in the near future, the retailer wanted to significantly improve their product fulfillment processes without having to invest in costly IT infrastructure.

“As we look to expand our number of stores, we require a solution that can increase the speed and accuracy of our operations, as well as fit within our budget,” said Shawn McGhee, president of Hollywood Feed. The Memphis-based chain has grown from 10 Memphis stores just 2 years ago to 19 stores total in Memphis, TN; Jonesboro, AR; Little Rock, AR; Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS. “We felt that a hands-free voice solution would best meet our needs, and as we evaluated voice vendors, we found Voxware to offer the most intuitive software package. Its cloud-based voice solution is easy to implement and use, and its subscription-based pricing gives us the flexibility we require. These factors, in addition to Voxware’s reputation for quality, made Voxware a perfect fit for Hollywood Feed.”

Hollywood Feed is employing Voxware’s Cloud VMS to meet the following requirements:

  • Increase scalability to adequately manage peak load
  • Enhance productivity and safety by employing a hands-free means of communicating critical information
  • Improve accuracy of product picking and delivery to cut error-related costs and better serve customers
  • Expand store locations without requiring additional investments in warehouse employees or expensive IT resources

“I am confident that we will see substantial increases in efficiency as we move from manual, paper-based processes to Voxware’s high quality voice solution,” continued McGhee. “Cloud VMS will drastically boost our performance, thereby ensuring we have both happy employees and customers.”

As a robust voice solution, Cloud VMS helps organizations significantly elevate their operations and enhance the customer experience with minimal IT resources. Cloud VMS is a fully productized bundle that includes:

  • Software: Voxware will provision and maintain the software and configure it on the devices before the customer receives them
  • Hardware: Voice ready units that incorporate all of the user-friendly features needed to maximize productivity and accuracy
  • Services: Users can choose from pre-packaged configuration options to address their workflow requirements
  • Support: New 24/7 support enables customers to speak with a Voxware representative any time an issue or question arises
  • Upgrades: VMS software updates and hardware refreshes are built into the offering, with a delivery schedule matching that of the full VMS product.

“We are excited to have Hollywood Feed join the Voxware family of customers. Our newest cloud offering equips them with the tools they need to more easily and cost-effectively achieve better results and grow their business,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware. “Cloud VMS delivers considerable business benefits without the significant internal IT costs associated with traditional software, giving smaller companies like Hollywood Feed the opportunity to leverage the latest, most advanced technologies.”

About Voxware:

Voxware helps organizations with teams who are on the move to more effectively receive, act on, and communicate information critical to their work. Our hands-free voice solutions enable employees to safely and accurately speed through tasks, thereby boosting operational productivity and improving customer experiences. What’s more, Voxware easily adapts to changes in technology and processes, enabling organizations to quickly address shifting demands without disruptions to the operation. Our innovative approach to voice communication has proven to help our customers increase profitability by cutting costs and enhancing brand loyalty. For more information, please visit Voxware’s  website.

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