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New Voxware Voice Management Suite 5.0 Extends Real Time Benefits to Logistics Operations

New VoxPilot Workforce Management Tool Provides Instant Visibility and Push-Button Control.

This major release introduces VoxPilot, which gives logistics executives unprecedented visibility into work as it progresses and immediate access to corrective tools when action must be taken. VoxPilot enables enterprises to improve customer service commitments by closing the gap between static dashboard reporting and active correction of bottlenecks.

VoxPilot is the first role-based, action-oriented, and scalable workforce management tool for voice-directed operations. Each user creates a tailored view of real-time operations data specific to his or her role, yielding actionable information. VoxPilot has a unique “one-click” bridge from display to action, enabling instant intervention in ongoing work. VoxPilot is also the first workforce management tool to scale across multiple facilities, giving workforce management visibility to every operation simultaneously from a single console.

“Version 5.0 is a major advancement providing the ability to make immediate real time adjustments to distribution operations across multiple facilities. This capability will allow an organization to react to changing customer priorities throughout the day,” said Keith Phillips, Voxware CEO. “Enterprises with high customer service commitments know that distribution operations are integral to their value proposition, and they are increasingly demanding real time tools. With VoxPilot, workforce management not only has instant visibility into ongoing work, but also the power to immediately shift priorities and correct problems. VoxPilot closes a gap between information and action, giving enterprises a powerful tool to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.”

Voxware VMS 5.0 and VoxPilot are being demonstrated at Voxware’s Modex 2012 booth number 1414.

Voxware VMS 5.0 also delivers additional new capabilities. Among them are the ability to use a tablet PC, Android, or iPad device to operate workforce management functions such as VoxPilot. Release 5.0 also strengthens the WMS adapter framework, enabling quick message-based interfacing to virtually any kind of host system. In addition new configuration options for voice workflow management have been delivered.

“Version 5.0 is further evidence of Voxware’s commitment to provide practical business solutions that increase in value over time for our customers,” said Phillips. “This release brings major innovation to the market and also sets the stage for further evolution of our software.”

Voxware Voice Management Suite 5.0 is immediately available. Existing customers can request an upgrade through their Voxware service representative.

About Voxware:

Voxware helps organizations with teams who are on the move to more effectively receive, act on, and communicate information critical to their work. Our hands-free voice solutions enable employees to safely and accurately speed through tasks, thereby boosting operational productivity and improving customer experiences. What’s more, Voxware easily adapts to changes in technology and processes, enabling organizations to quickly address shifting demands without disruptions to the operation. Our innovative approach to voice communication has proven to help our customers increase profitability by cutting costs and enhancing brand loyalty. For more information, please visit Voxware’s website.

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