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Productivity, Accuracy & Efficiency Gains Powered by Voxware Automation Solutions on Full Display at ProMat 2023

Proven voice automation software and supply chain analytics enable companies to do more with less.

Hamilton, N.J., March 20, 2023 – Voxware, a leading provider of cloud-based voice and analytic supply chain solutions, will highlight its proven suite of software solutions throughout ProMat 2023. Show attendees will see firsthand how warehouse workers can utilize advanced technology to optimize their job performance as well as increase accuracy, productivity and overall efficiency through Voxware’s multimodal solutions. Companies continuing to struggle to meet customer demand and those facing ongoing labor challenges can find Voxware in booth #S4126.

With the current labor situation being what it is, companies have been struggling to hire and retain workers. Training new or temporary employees efficiently is among the highest priorities and concerns of ProMat 2023 attendees.

Voxware understands this challenge. It’s one of the main drivers for continuous innovation of its industry-leading flagship product, Voxware Voice Management Suite (VMS). VoxTempo, Voxware’s Natural Language Voice Recognition engine eliminates the need to voice train or manage a voice profile. With VoxTempo, training time can be completed in minutes, so new workers can become productive on their very first day.

ProMat attendees will be able to demo Voxware’s voice automation solution in booth #S4126. Attendees will experience the VoxTempo tutorial just like they would in a warehouse environment, and then execute a short picking assignment. Not only will they witness how fast they get up to speed, and how easy the solution is to use, but whatever they pick, they will be able to keep.

Attendees can also learn how Voxware’s software seamlessly integrates with robotics technologies to further optimize workers for additional productivity and efficiency gains throughout a distribution or fulfillment center. One use case, for example, a company can replace unproductive travel time of their human workers by transferring completed picking assignments to an AMR where the robot will then deliver the order to the packing or loading station. The worker can then immediately begin their next assignment, eliminating anywhere from six to ten minutes (and in some cases more) of unproductive time spent between assignments to increase throughput.

“Our solutions are designed to help warehouse workers perform at a higher level and help them to better enjoy the job they are doing,” said Keith Phillips, President & CEO of Voxware. “It is our belief that wherever human capital is deployed in the distribution center, companies need automation to drive the highest levels of efficiency and throughput. Our software enables the interaction between the human worker and the different types of technology available to them, whether that be voice, scanning, augmented reality or robotics. Voxware’s solutions are an affordable option for companies of all sizes looking to do more with less,” he concluded.

Companies rely on Voxware VMS to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency across all functions and workflows in the distribution center through automation. Using Voxware VMS, customers realize immediate improvements in accuracy, double-digit productivity gains, reduced labor and operating expenses and complete visibility into the entire distribution operations through its enterprise analytics solution, VoxPilot.

Companies who deploy VoxPilot® realize an additional 10-15% in productivity gains. The reason is simple. Once companies have automated, they need to actively manage the process using advanced analytics to get the maximum output out of the workforce. For Voxware’s customers, the data and analytics generated enable complete transparency of the supply chain, so they have more control and protection over the right product being delivered on time to the end customer.

In addition to Voxware’s standalone booth, they will be collocated in the Zebra Technologies booth (#S647) as part of their live warehouse demo.

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