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Puerto Rico’s Top Distributor Upgrades to Voxware’s VMS for Real-Time Visibility and Performance Management

ProMat 2017 attendees can hear first-hand how real-time data from Voxware helped Puerto Rico Supplies Group operate more efficiently and advance the customer experience

Hamilton, NJ – March, 27, 2017 —Voxware, a leading provider of cloud-based voice solutions, announced today Puerto Rico Supplies Group (PRSG) has upgraded its distribution center to Voxware’s Voice Management Suite.  With the new system in place, PRSG has improved the efficiency of its workforce and given its warehouse supervisors real-time visibility into its distribution operations.  Carlos Falcon, Distribution Center Director for Puerto Rico Supplies Group will talk about the successes PRSG has realized by working with Voxware and the importance of efficiency and accuracy in distribution operations at ProMat 2017 on Monday, April 3 (11:15AM, Theater B).

“We live and die by our productivity,” explains Falcon. “Operating at high levels of efficiency is how we deliver our customers a superior experience.  Before using Voxware, we didn’t have the real-time data we needed to identify productivity issues as they were happening. With Voxware in place, we can see clearly and immediately the factors impacting productivity and that helps us make the timely adjustments needed to operate at peak efficiency,” he added.

Seen by many as one of the most innovative and technologically-advanced companies of its kind in Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Supplies began using voice technology in its warehouses in 2010.  They quickly realized the benefits of voice and wanted to further drive productivity improvements by implementing a voice-driven replenishment workflow, but were unable to get the project started with their previous vendor.  Additionally, their voice hardware was being discontinued, forcing a large capital expense to replace the hardware should they stay with their previous vendor.

Fortunately for PRSG, Voxware was able to address both needs.  Replenishment is a core business process in the warehouse and Voxware VMS Replenishmentensures the right products are available at the right time.  The new replenishment workflow allows the picker to directly report shorts automatically and assign replenishment for an item to move up the priority list when necessary.  Additionally, because Voxware allows customers to pay on a subscription basis, PRSG was able to implement Voxware without a substantial upfront capital investment. The subscription also includes the most up-to-date version of Zebra hardware, which meant PRSG eliminated the need for an expensive out-of-pocket hardware replacement.

“We make it a priority to understand the unique opportunities and goals every organization we work with is looking to achieve,” said Keith Phillips, President and CEO, Voxware.  “For Puerto Rico Supplies, we were able to demonstrate real value with our unique VMS offering to solve their challenges.  We are the only voice provider giving its customers real-time visibility into their operations as a standard feature and our subscription service guarantees access to the latest hardware without having to make costly investments.”

Since PRSG’s item selectors were already accustomed to using voice, the transition to Voxware’s solution was seamless while also offering improvements over their old system.  Instead of having to complete labels by hand, Voxware enables team members to print labels with the company number and route number already in place to save time and eliminate a manual task.

For ProMat 2017 attendees, Falcon will be presenting, “Exceeding Expectations For Efficiency and Accuracy in Distribution Operations,” on Monday, April 3 at 11:15AM in Theater B.  The session will be recorded and available for viewing after May 1, 2017 by visiting  Falcon will also host two sessions in Voxware’s booth S3667 on Monday, April 3 at 4pm and Tuesday, April 4 at 10AM.

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