Discover a new level of picking automation

with Voice and AMRs combined

Labor shortages and high customer demands have created unprecedented demand

on warehouses to deliver fast and accurate order fulfillment with less resources. With labor turnover rates reaching over 40%, intelligent picking automation is now vital to maintaining a competitive advantage.

And that’s where Voxware and Zebra’s Fetch come in…

Whether you’re just starting to optimize order picking or enhancing your current system, choose a picking solution that maximizes productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

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Minimize employee training with voice automation

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Grow picking system with your current Zebra devices

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Increase pick rates with less labor and delays

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Secure more accurate picks with automated data capture

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Keep workers in the aisles while AMRs move completed orders to loading docks

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Speed up fulfillment without overwhelming your workforce

See it all come together

Voxware Voice Picking Software

  • Exceed 99.99% picking accuracy
  • Improve worker productivity by 30%
  • Reduce training times for new hires to minutes

Fetch Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMRs) 

  • Reduce travel times around the warehouse
  • Keep workers focused on picking while AMRs move proucts
  • Prevent worker fatigue and injuries

Zebra’s enterprise technologies

  • Protect data with Android touchscreen handhelds
  • Streamline scanning and computing through one device
  • Protect uptime with long-lasting battery lifecycles

Take a closer look into the future of intelligent order picking with Voxware.

Schedule a workflow assessment with our team to see how you can benefit from the latest edge mobility solutions – made for efficient warehousing.