Supply Chain Analytics

Intellestra® by Voxware®
Get a quicker perspective on supply chain dynamics.

Supply chains, distribution operations, markets and customers exist in states of continuous flux. Benefit from better perspectives on all these dynamics. Using Voxware’s Intellestra, distribution operation managers and executives can anticipate future requirements across the supply chain. Intellestra applies sophisticated algorithms to aggregate and analyze data – presenting current and past activity, predicting future events and even producing prescriptive analysis to inform decisions.

Nothing works better at building customers’ loyalty than being able to anticipate what they will need and then doing everything possible to exceed those expectations. Showing you everything possible is how Intellestra outperforms.

Real-time insights for immediate action.

Eliminate mistakes, avoid delivery delays and raise customer satisfaction with Intellestra.

  • Purpose built for the supply chain. Intellestra is specifically designed to help manage crucial challenges such as supply chain visibility, asset allocations and workforce optimization. So you can see issues in real time and immediately correct them.
  • Graphical and intuitive. Charts and graphs do all the hard work, instantly revealing trouble spots and opportunities.
  • Many views from one solution. Access essential information without resorting to disparate tools and multiple screens. Intellestra combines visual insights – all in a single solution – to give you unlimited perspectives on your distribution operation.
  • Simple data extraction from any source. Intellestra is designed to leverage data from all source systems that may have an impact on distribution operations, such as order entry data, sales forecasts, employee productivity records, transportation records (e.g., statutory driver limitations, transportation routing, proof of delivery) and weather and traffic information. For more on the Data Adapters that simplify extractions, see How It Works.
  • Configurable by and for business users. The creation of predictive analytics is now in the hands of people who will use it. (Developers not required.) Simple graphics present the information you want to see.
  • Use cases that hasten real improvements. Intellestra lets you build combinations of information, Intellestrations™, to address specific supply chain concerns. Examples include traffic Intellestrations to help you improve on-time delivery percentages, service levels and customer loyalty. And staffing Intellestrations that let you see real-time labor allocations and work status so you can effectively rebalance to meet expected demand.


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Benefits that strengthen your competitive edge.

Gain an unprecedented understanding of how best to manage your distribution operation and reap the rewards.

  • Improvements in customer service levels, for higher lifetime customer value.
  • More accurate inventory predictions to eliminate costly outages and overstocks.
  • Reductions in operating expense via greater efficiency and the elimination of bottlenecks.
  • Heightened responsiveness to shifts in demand patterns and potential supply shortages.
  • Greater ability to accommodate shorter lead times due to more precise execution.
  • More reliable transportation networks for improvements in on-time deliveries.
  • Improved traceability and recall performance, resulting in savings of time and expense.
  • Smarter short- and long-term hiring decisions based on analysis of sales forecasts, item selectors and projected shortfalls.
  • More meaningful productivity goals based on testing multiple scenarios for achieving optimal business outcomes.

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Big data is having an impact on organizations' reaction time to supply chain issues (41%), increased supply chain efficiency of 10% or greater (36%), and greater integration across the supply chain (36%).

Forbes, JUL 13, 2015, "Ten Ways Big Data Is
Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management"

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Intellestra: See how analysis can make a real-time impact on your supply chain.

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