Supply Chain Analytics

Gain 10-15% MORE productivity with Supply Chain Analytics.

When it comes to your customers, every second and every decision count. That’s why companies say VoxPilot is their competitive differentiator. It gives you visibility and insights into Voxware VMS data, your supply chain and external information. And, by aggregating and analyzing the data, VoxPilot: (1) presents real-time and past DC activity, (2) predicts future events, and (3) helps you navigate the right course of action to immediately remedy problems that may surface.

Nothing works better at building customers’ loyalty than being able to anticipate what they will need and then doing everything possible to exceed those expectations. Showing you everything possible is how VoxPilot outperforms.

VoxPilot tells you what’s happening, explains why, predicts what’s ahead, and shows what you can do about it.


Your competitive weapon for surpassing expectations.

Putting voice and multimodal to work in your operation is only half the battle. VoxPilot adds full visibility and insights to the mix. It empowers your decision makers to plan and correct like never before – managing and improving operations across the board.

  • Get the most out of Voxware VMS. Fully integrated with Voxware VMS to compound the benefits you gain from using the industry’s leading voice, multimodal and AR solution.
  • Easy integration of data from any source. VoxPilot makes it simple to incorporate critical information from other supply chain solutions and external sources like weather and traffic. See and correct issues around accelerating fulfillment, asset allocation, workforce optimization and other factors that can make or break customer satisfaction.
  • Disparate data in a single view. One view of all essential information eliminates need for multiple screens so you can make accurate and appropriate decisions in less time.
  • Graphical and intuitive. Easy-to-understand charts and graphs instantly reveal DC trouble spots and opportunities.
  • Specific intelligence about specific concerns. VoxPilot provides the flexibility to create dashboards that address your distinct business problems.

Customer Highlight

Puerto Rico Supplies Group

VoxPilot helped PRSG exceed accuracy goals and beat the competition.

Predictive Analytics – anticipate problems and improve forecasting

“Imagine putting a crystal ball to your supply chain and asking it what would happen if an order is late. Predictive analytics would let it tell you what shortages will occur at a future date and how downstream customers would be affected.”

Supply Chain Dive
“11 technologies set to shape smart manufacturing”
August 2018

Experience the benefits. (Your customers surely will.)

Faster responsiveness to changing dynamics. Greater accuracy and productivity to drive higher profits. More collaborative distribution processes. Heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Rewarding improvements like these are not random occurrences. Here are some of the underlying factors, supported by VoxPilot, that bring these benefits to life.

  • Improvements in service levels, for higher lifetime customer value.
  • More accurate inventory predictions to eliminate costly outages and overstocks.
  • Reductions in operating expense via greater efficiency and the elimination of bottlenecks.
  • Heightened responsiveness to shifts in demand patterns and potential supply shortages.
  • Greater ability to accommodate shorter lead times due to more precise execution.
  • More reliable transportation networks for improvements in on-time deliveries.
  • Improved traceability and recall performance, resulting in savings of time and expense.
  • Smarter short- and long-term hiring decisions based on analysis of sales forecasts, item selectors and projected shortfalls.
  • Exception-based management instantly focusing attention on critical areas to avert crises.
  • More meaningful productivity goals based on testing multiple scenarios for achieving optimal business outcomes.

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“With everything in real-time, the supervisors can flip between screens to properly staff and adjust as needed. If locations are dropping, if workers are on lunch, if production is lagging, we are able to see it. It’s a single pane of glass for the managers and supervisors.”

George Crosby, CEO
Fond du Lac

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