For years, Voxware has been committed to helping customers deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our voice software helps companies improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the warehouse, with customers frequently experiencing productivity boosts of 30% and accuracy levels that exceed 99.9%.

Several years ago, we saw an opportunity to help companies even more and introduced VoxPilot, the first role-based, action-oriented, and scalable workforce management tool for voice-directed operations. With VoxPilot, supply chain leaders can understand operations in real time and make adjustments as needed while gathering data that can be used to drive operational improvements.

Artex, a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of construction materials, deployed Voxware to meet its exacting standards for accuracy. Not only did voice help the company achieve its goal but VoxPilot also helped Artex improve its productivity by providing a deeper understanding of pick rates. Another customer, ice cream and frozen yogurt distributor Mt. Pleasant, implemented Voxware to improve accuracy and reduce the need for redeliveries. By deploying the voice management suite (VMS), Mt. Pleasant was able to identify picking lags and improve picking speed.

The next step in providing actionable data to supply chain leaders reaches beyond voice. Developed with the entire logistics enterprise in mind, Intellestra, Voxware’s predictive analytics platform purpose-built for the supply chain, gathers data from multiple sources into a single platform to help companies improve their operations even further. By combining sales data with pick rates, managers will be able to make accurate predictions about staffing requirements to meet peak demand. By combining data from the Transportation Management System (TMS) to real-time picking data, companies will be able to reroute trucks and orders to keep shipments moving on time.

The potential use cases for Fulfillment Supervisors, Distribution Center Managers, and VPs of Distribution are unbounded, and Voxware is pleased to power data-driven decision-making that helps companies deliver exceptional customer service.