If you think the only impact voice has is in the warehouse, think again. The accuracy and efficiency improvements combined with voice’s data-gathering capabilities are so significant that they’re felt across the enterprise. Here are just a few ways that each member of the executive team will benefit from deploying voice:

COO: With the responsibility of improving operations, voice helps the COO improve accuracy to levels above 99.9% and efficiency by 30% or more. The benefits don’t stop there: picking data collected through voice and available through a data platform like Voxpilot make it possible for the COO to understand performance levels across multiple facilities.

CMO: The CMO is accountable for the customer experience, which means that the supply chain must be able to deliver the promises made to customers at the point of sale. With accuracy an absolute imperative as retailers ship more orders directly to customers on ever-faster shipping deadlines, voice can help the CMO deliver an exceptional customer experience.

CFO: Fulfillment errors are expensive to correct and damaging for many years as companies lose out on the benefits of long-term customer relationships. By implementing voice, the CFO can improve the bottom line while also experiencing fast time to value. Companies that deploy SaaS voice solutions like Voxware’s Cloud VMS experience time to benefit in as little as 60 days.

HR Manager: To track employee performance and train new hires with a paper-based picking process can be a time-consuming nightmare. Voice helps managers reduce the training time for new and temporary hires whilst gathering helpful analytics that can be valuable during the review process.

CEO: As the leader of a retail organization CEOs that deploy voice can be confident that they’ve deployed a technology that will help support and achieve corporate coals. CEOs that deploy voice will deploy a more efficient organization that delivers a better customer experience, which improves the company’s prospects for years to come.

Few technologies have such a sweeping positive impact across the enterprise. The benefits of voice stretch throughout the supply chain and help virtually every department. To learn how voice can help your organization, contact a Voxware team member here.