At Voxware, we pride ourselves on being more than just a technology vendor. We think of new customers as new partners embarking with us on a collaborative journey to improve and optimize the supply chain. Time and again, our customers choose us over other vendors because of our willingness to understand our customers’ unique needs on a deep level. Working closely with them not only helps us achieve better results, but it also gives us an important opportunity to listen to our partners’ challenges and identify ways to help them further improve their operations.

After deploying our Voice Management Suite, we heard many customers ask about advanced data and analytics capabilities for voice solutions. Without real time insights into the voice operation, fulfillment supervisors could only act after the fact. We listened to our customers and developed VoxPilot, the only voice-picking dashboard with a one-click bridge from analytics to action. With VoxPilot, fulfillment supervisors can create business rules to restock items before the shift is complete to prevent incorrect orders from leaving the warehouse.

Additionally, VoxPilot provides data on individual picker performance that can be used to address performance lags in the moment instead of waiting until after shifts have ended. By addressing challenges at the moment they occur, it’s more likely that they’ll be corrected. Artex, a UK-based manufacturer and distributor of construction supplies, used VoxPilot to assign pace and pick rates that contributed to overall efficiency improvements.

We continued to listen to our customers and to the marketplace and started to uncover another gap: the need for deep insights and predictive analytics purpose-built for supply chain leaders. For too long, we have been hearing our customers talk about the challenges of manually analyzing data from a picking platform, transportation management software, and sales forecasting data. In response, we developed Intellestra, a dashboard with one-click visibility and insight into the entire supply chain. With custom gadgets, DC operators can see how many new team members to hire during peak seasons based on last year’s sales data. Fulfillment supervisors can identify which orders are likely to leave the warehouse late—and see recommendations for reallocating staff members to keep shipments on-time.

Born out of a need for robust and predictive analytics in the supply chain, Intellestra will be launching later this year. We’re continually grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with our customers and partners and look forward to seeing supply chains of all sizes use real-time comprehensive data to improve their operations.