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3PLs thrive or falter depending on the level of value-added services and innovative solutions they unfailingly provide to clients and customers. “Business as usual” is never good enough; delays, shorts and errors can cause irreparable damage to relationships. To ensure customer loyalty, supply chain managers must employ the advanced technologies and intelligence that produce the highest levels of accuracy, operational efficiency and precision performance.

In this industry, competitors are differentiated by their proficiency in IT services. Shippers are stepping up their demands for supply chain visibility. And research shows they’re increasingly asking for meaningful use of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. 3PLs must be able to combine and analyze data from a variety of supply chain sources – in addition to external factors – to ably manage demand, optimize labor and counteract rising expenses.

Advance the customer experience with Voxware® VMS.

Improve customer loyalty and your profitability with Voxware’s proven voice and augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

  • Unmatched accuracy. Easily achieve 99.9+% picking accuracy and provide customers with the kind of service levels that generate lifetime loyalty, including same-day deliveries.
  • Efficiency even in harsh environments. Voice recognition is not a problem, even in the noisiest facilities. With Voxware VMS, selectors work fast and hands-free on a variety of tasks: receive, put away, move, cycle count, replenishment, pick, pick and pass, pack and load.
  • Flexibility to use multiple modalities. Voxware’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings voice and scanning together with vision and image/video capture, allowing employees to use and/or combine the right technology matched to the specific task at hand. Learn more.
  • Agile fulfillment. Collapse the time between order and delivery. Aggregating voice prompts and responses can rev up selector activity and help reduce overtime.
  • Support for customers’ business models. Employ omnichannel fulfillment, including timely deliveries direct to consumers while satisfying the unique requirements of more traditional channels.
  • Fast adaptability. Quickly integrate your voice solution and accommodate changes across your Warehouse Management System, facilities, hardware, and processes to keep up with a rapidly evolving industry.

With Voxware VMS, Puerto Rico Supplies achieved:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • 25% less staffing issues

Find out how.

Drive real-time supply chain decisions with VoxPilot®.

Give managers and supervisors a real-time view of data from sources across the supply chain.

  • 10-15% increase in productivity. Your competitive weapon to surpass customer expectations. VoxPilot tells you what’s happening, explains why, predicts what’s ahead, and shows what you can do about it. Read more about VoxPilot and the impact that its descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics can have on your operation.
  • Single platform insights. Easily see sales forecasts, labor allocations, transportation data, shipping manifests, proofs of delivery and more – all in one place – and better resolve issues such as the labor resources needed during peak shipping periods and seasonal demand spikes for certain SKUs.
  • Ready accessibility. Managers and supervisors at all levels of the enterprise can access and benefit from data never before available. For example, transportation managers can combine live traffic feeds with real-time delivery data and dynamically reroute drivers to meet sudden changes in demand.
  • Critical decision-making. By analyzing supply chain events, you can learn exactly what occurred (such as costly outages and overages) and why they happened so you can avert future problems or make timely improvements.
  • Effective planning. Based on previous order patterns, you can predict future fulfillment requirements and make business decisions accordingly. For example, you can model several scenarios of where specific products should be slotted in the warehouse, and choose the most efficient locale to help drive on-time deliveries and meet daily targets.

SCM World The Chief Supply ChainOfficer Report 2014:


of supply chain executives consider big data analytics a disruptive and important  technology.

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What makes our solutions different?

Simply put, Voxware solutions enable you to deliver more accurately and adapt more efficiently by having essential information exactly when and where you need it.




“With Voxware, we know we’ll be in a better position to operate more efficiently to advance the customer experience and maintain our competitive advantage .”

Carlos Falcon, Distribution Center Director
Puerto Rico Supplies Group

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