With more orders shipping directly to customers, today’s supply chain must meet higher standards than ever before. Recent research shows that repeated delivery issues can cause even loyal customers to stop shopping with a brand, and retailers that want to preserve customer relationships must replace outdated supply chain processes with technology like voice-directed picking and predictive analytics.

Indeed, voice-directed picking has helped Voxware customers increase efficiency by 30% and accuracy to above 99.9%. Predictive analytics tools can tie the entire supply chain together and make data visible to all stakeholders, which helps some unified supply chains increase throughput by up to 40%.

Departments outside of the supply chain will be pleased to know that voice and analytics have a positive ripple effect throughout the entire organization. Here is a glimpse into how departments traditionally thought of as separate from the supply chain can benefit from voice and analytics:

HR: One of the biggest benefits of voice software is that it’s far easier to train than paper-based processes. Some companies report being able to send new staff into the warehouse as soon as the first day, which means that HR managers can allocate less time and payroll to training. Predictive analytics can also benefit HR by combining pick rate data with sales forecasts enabling the operation to test possible outcomes for temporary staff recruitment.

Marketing: Today’s CMO needs to be able to offer the free shipping customers demand. Reports indicate that free shipping is necessary for 68% of customers to complete an online order. When a supply chain deploys predictive analytics, orders can be allocated throughout the distribution network to make cost-effective free shipping possible. When the supply chain implements voice-directed picking, the CMO can expect that customers will consistently receive correct orders delivered on time—and that the customer experience will remain positive.

Finance: When companies ship an incorrect item to a customer, the retailer must bear the cost burden of reprocessing the order. In addition to this immediate negative financial impact, disappointing customers with incorrect orders can cause them to stop shopping with a brand, which causes long-term financial losses. Voice and analytics can help improve the bottom line by preventing errors that cause both immediate reprocessing costs and future lost sales.

Companies that want to remain competitive across departments will want to consider deploying a Voice Management Suite like Voxware’s Cloud VMS and a predictive analytics tool like Intellestra™.