Unique Perspective Inside the Distribution Operations at Haggar Clothing Co.

Unique Perspective Inside the Distribution Operations at Haggar Clothing Co.

In the latest episode of the DC Innovation Series: 20 Minute Talks with Supply Chain Pros, Voxware’s President & CEO Keith Phillips sat down with Sandy McKay, a veteran supply chain and operations executive, most recently at Haggar Clothing Co. as Vice President, Distribution.

Sandy discussed the strategies and systems he implemented to help turn the supply chain at Haggar into a competitive advantage in the marketplace.




“With companies severely struggling like they are, you can’t have the luxury of non-value-added activities. It really impacts an organization,” said Sandy.

He also reviewed how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Haggar, the continued rise of ecommerce activity and applying lessons learned from 2020 to improve distribution operations in the future.

Concurring with the previous DC Innovation Series guest, Katherine Ross, Sandy predicts that eCommerce will continue to rise and potentially level-off pending an approved vaccine. “My personal belief is that it will be more of a hybrid and it will focus on satisfying consumer demand.”

Some of the recent struggles around shipping and order delivery are proof that customers want the products immediately, and consumers won’t stand to wait a week or more for their purchases.

A true believer in automation technology and analytics software, Sandy was responsible for deploying several technological advancements throughout the 650,000 square foot distribution center.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” he said. “I’m a firm believer in that. When I first arrived at Haggar, I put Fitbit’s on all of our employees and the first thing I noticed is that some of our people were walking 6 – 6 ½ miles a day – that’s not a picker, that’s a walker,” he said.

“We use VoxPilot to distribute work more evenly throughout our distribution center. We have screens hung at the end of aisles so item pickers can easily track their assignments and see how productive they are being throughout the day,” said Sandy.

Looking ahead, Sandy believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has instilled a number of learnings, saying:  “The importance of automation and robotics and having well-designed workstations for your associates so they can be safe is going to be important going into the future.”

New episodes of the DC Innovation Series presented by Voxware launch on the second Thursday of every month. Join us in October for a conversation with Mark Wheeler, Director of Supply Chain Solutions for Zebra Technologies.

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