Voice Automation Drives Accuracy Improvements for Food Distributor

Voice Automation Drives Accuracy Improvements for Food Distributor

For companies who provide products to customers, accuracy remains a top concern. Afterall, getting the right product to each customer on time is what helps drive repeat orders and builds a long-term customer relationship.

Gold Star Foods is a national leader in school nutrition and distribution serving more than 3,000 school districts across the country. As an organization who provides food to children, it’s imperative for Gold Star to deliver accurate orders every time. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case.

With much of the success and failure to meet customer expectations falling on warehouse services and their ability to move product promptly and accurately through the distribution center, it’s best to rely on a solution that is known to improve employee performance for all distribution center functions, especially item selection or picking. Gold Star sought out a voice solution that would help reduce their errors.

After a thorough search and review of multiple vendors, Gold Star turned to Voxware’s Voice Management Suite® (VMS). The new solution started driving immediate results. Gold Star reduced its mis-picks from 7/1,000 cases to 3/10,000 cases. They also increased overall productivity by 35 percent.

As witnessed in the Gold Star example, companies using VMS realize immediate improvements in accuracy, double-digit productivity gains, reduced labor and operating expenses and complete visibility into the entire distribution operation. By supporting multimodal technologies across all workflows, Voxware allows its customers to choose the right solution at the right time, whether that be voice, scanning or vision through its Augmented Reality solution.

Another unique application that Gold Star utilizes is each of their pickers (item selectors) is armed with a mobile printer. This way, once an order is complete, the worker can print the label on the shipment immediately and begin the next task or drop that order off at the loading station and quickly begin their next assignment.

Additionally, Gold Star Foods relies on VoxPilot®, Voxware’s enterprise analytics solution to enable warehouse supervisors to better manage the workflow and the workforce. Gold Star appreciates the ability to be able to manipulate the data in a user-friendly way making it usable for each situation. With VoxPilot, fast and easy access to better data is key and it’s available in real-time for managers seeking to continuously improve their operations.

​Supervisors using VoxPilot can access worker productivity metrics through a management console and coordinate activity, assign work, receive alerts if an employee’s output drops below their norm and oversee the entire workforce’s efficiency in a quick, easily digestible format. VoxPilot can even provide an opportunity to respond to predictive data like future weather and traffic reports to help the distribution center manager adjust picking, packing, loading and shipping appropriately.

It is a system that empowers informed decisions and actionable steps based on critical data.

As customer expectations continue to rise, automation has become a necessity for success. Have you put your operation in the best position to succeed and meet demand effectively like Gold Star Foods has?

If there are areas that require attention, now is the time to address them. For a no-pressure consultation, contact Voxware to learn how voice automation can help you deliver a flawless customer experience every time.

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