Voxware and Buton eBusiness Solutions Launch VAR Agreement

As customer expectations rise and the pace of commerce accelerates, companies can no longer rely on the outdated paper checklist to manage tasks in the supply chain. To remain competitive, companies must modernize the supply chain with technology that improves accuracy and efficiency across the board. Thanks to a new partnership with Buton eBusiness solutions, companies throughout the EMEA market have greater access to the technology necessary to update their warehouses with both the broad suite of supply chain solutions offered by Buton as well as  Voxware’s Cloud VMS and Intellestra solutions.

Buton eBusiness Solutions is a software engineering services company based in Turkey and focused on delivering reliable software and custom consulting to provide companies best-of-breed technology solutions for the supply chain. Through the recent value-added-reseller (VAR) agreement with Voxware, Buton eBusiness Solutions customers can take advantage of voice automation technology that integrates seamlessly with the software provider’s solutions and other vendor partners.

For Voxware, this agreement represents a strategic relationship. Many Buton customers have already expressed strong interest in leveraging voice automation technology in the supply chain, and this agreement will help make voice more easily accessible to companies that demand it.

In addition to providing Voxware’s flagship Cloud VMS product, Buton will also offer Intellestra, Voxware’s premier predictive analytics tool purpose built for the supply chain. Intellestra allows companies to see a more complete picture of the supply chain by pulling data from multiple sources into a single portal. When Buton customers leverage Intellestra, they’ll be able to use data gathered from all Buton software and Voxware Cloud VMS to power more informed decision-making.

The Voxware team is excited to launch this VAR agreement and eagerly look forward to helping companies in Turkey and throughout the EMEA region.

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