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Exceed accuracy and efficiency demands with Voxware®.

These times require companies to deliver near-perfect performance across all distribution centers. Customers demand it. Voxware’s Voice Management Suite (VMS) ensures you can achieve it. From the industry’s leading voice solution to Augmented Reality technology, our innovations drive accuracy and efficiency to new heights across the warehouse.

Get the most out of your DC with Voxware.



Replenishment & Putaway

  • Prioritize tasks; batch multiple tasks
  • Avoid shorts & skips
  • Perform added verification for 100% accuracy
  • Identify pallets or products

Cycle Counting

  • Integrate picking tasks to optimize work
  • Maximize accuracy via continuous inventory validation
  • Capture expiration dates, lot, serial numbers & quantity


  • Choose picking mode: Each, case, full pallet & batch
  • Pick single or multiple orders to multiple locations
  • Employ multi-level dialog strategies for extreme accuracy & productivity
  • Optimize workforce by distributing and prioritizing tasks

Receiving & Returns

  • Determine return viability with product-specific checklist sequences
  • Improve accuracy with voice, scan & image capture of serial numbers, measurements & notes
  • Reduce liability & risk

Outbound Loading

  • Coordinate pallets, loads, doors & trailers
  • Confirm correct worker location (door & trailer)
  • If size dictates, change load to a different door or add trailer

Packing & Shipping

  • Use product-specific instructions, avoid packing errors
  • Capture final product (high-cost items) on video/image to reduce liability
  • Do pre-shipping QC check

Picking E-Commerce

  • Streamline high-volume picking
  • Speed picking using multimodality with multi-SKU’s
  • Optimize training for temporary workers & peak times


  • Support fast, daily/hourly distribution of product
  • Maximize multi-order put-to-pallet using lights
  • Boost accurate Kit assembly and delivery


Descriptive: work in progress, most frequently picked items, etc.
Diagnostic: productivity by user & facility, exceptions, etc.
Prescriptive: demand forecasts, truck loading & scheduling, etc.
Predictive: labor management, traffic & weather analysis, etc.

Greater productivity and happier customers.

Thousands of users in companies of all sizes and diverse industries are improving speed, accuracy and efficiency with Voxware VMS.

  • Exceeding 99.99% picking accuracy
  • Double digit productivity gains
  • Proven voice recognition, even in loud and harsh environments
  • Reductions in labor and operating costs
  • Improved inventory management and transparency
  • Accelerated fulfillment, on-time deliveries
  • Optimized workforce
  • Improved customer experience/satisfaction
  • Complete visibility into distribution center activities
  • Fast return on investment

Customer Highlight

“MHI expects 70% of facilities to adopt wearables in the next five years. It could be as simple as a barcode scanner that eliminates the need for manual data entry, or as complex as smart glasses that identify what exactly a person should pick through augmented reality.”

Supply Chain Dive
“Why 70% of facilities may deploy wearables in 5 years”
August 2018

Best-in-class capabilities.

Easily benefit from the functionality you need to fulfill your customers’ most demanding requirements.

  • Consistently meet key performance indicators across a wide range of distribution functions; receive, put away, move, cycle count, replenishment, pick, pick and pass, pack and load.
  • Accelerate fulfillment, collapsing the time between order and delivery.
  • From the central VoxPilot dashboard, gain real-time visibility of operations within and across distribution centers and click to intervene and make adjustments as needed.
  • Add Augmented Reality to enable vision and digital image/video capture so that the best technology is used for the specific task at hand.
  • Ensure reliable voice recognition and conversation detection even in the noisiest environments.
  • Easily configure Voxware to meet any operational requirements, using VoxStudio® to diagram voice workflows.
  • Speed integration with warehouse management systems, new hardware and process changes using VoxConnect.
  • Leverage purpose-built support for omnichannel fulfillment, including store and direct-to-consumer deliveries.
  • Extend system access to diverse users and decision makers at every organizational level.

Leading the Charge for Innovation


Total visibility of operations plus the power to take real-time action

NEW Augmented Reality

Combining voice and scanning with vision and image capture

What makes our solutions different?

Simply put, Voxware solutions enable you to deliver more accurately and adapt more efficiently by having essential information exactly when and where you need it.




Cloud VMS: Limitless possibilities

Deploy Voxware VMS onsite or benefit from the industry’s best voice capabilities without investing in IT infrastructure. Our software as a service (SaaS) offering, Cloud VMS, is available with remote hosting to help you benefit faster than ever. Because there’s no large capital expenditure, no IT infrastructure to put in, and no complicated project to staff and manage, entry cost is very low – but the benefits begin to roll in quickly. Scale as you go, pay only for what you use. Learn more.

“Having the latest Voxware software and Zebra hardware while controlling our costs is something that we had hoped, but didn’t expect, to find during this vetting process.”

Carlos Falcon, Distribution Center Director
Puerto Rico Supplies Group

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