Voxware Integrated Speech Engine

Achieve 99% voice recognition accuracy – even in extremely loud environments.

Eliminate the inaccuracies, do-overs and time loss resulting from inconsistent voice recognition software. Turn to the most powerful speech recognizer available for use in industrial environments. Our Voxware® Integrated Speech Engine technology recognizes even the most diverse workforce with near 100% accuracy – in spite of extremely loud background noise.

Eight patented speech recognition technologies and rigorous processes drive the consistently high recognition rates achieved with Voxware. Its reliability is undeterred by mobile device, language, length of response, or how demanding the operating environment may be.

Customer Highlight

Atlanta Apparel Distribution Facility

Voxware voice solution accurately recognizes workers who speak five different languages: English, Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese and Somali.

Ensure the software you rely on doesn’t let you down.

Voxware’s Integrated Speech Engine technology outperforms any other solution on the market with these capabilities.

  • Engineered for loud environments. Even in places where workers must wear protective ear coverings – sawmills, sub-zero coolers, airport runways, etc. – Voxware’s technology recognizes what users say with 99.9% accuracy.
  • Equivalent performance on a range of devices. The same voice recognition software is packaged inside all voice solutions across all Voxware-supported devices for consistently high levels of voice recognition.
  • No background distraction. Sophisticated technology listens for and cancels out background noise – allowing the recognizer to process only what the worker says.
  • Speaker dependence. Creates an audio voice profile for each worker, specific to his or her way of speaking, to support diverse workforces.
  • Continuous recognition support. Workers may voice-in longer numbers or phrases that would require two or three interactions using a discrete word recognizer.
  • Hands-free operation. Voxware eliminates the need for “push-to-talk” processes to engage the voice recognizer.

Reap tangible benefits for your company and customers.

  • Fast ROI from your voice solution. The difference between 97% and 99.9% recognition accuracy is large enough to wipe out the ROI expected from a voice solution that is inferior to Voxware.
  • Dramatic improvements in customer experience. Voxware helps companies deliver the superior customer experience essential to achieving greater brand loyalty and higher customer lifetime value.
  • Precise execution. With Voxware’s Integrated Speech Engine, distribution operations are better able to exceed accuracy and efficiency demands across a broad spectrum of functions.

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“Our customers count on us for accuracy. With Voxware, we’ve found a way to improve our service levels while actually reducing operating costs. That’s a pretty compelling value proposition.”

Todd Kaupilla, Controller
Pierre’s Ice Cream Company

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