Gain real-time control and command.

In a distribution center, every second and every decision count. That's why companies rely on the VoxPilot dashboard for real-time insights into operations. It provides the total visibility essential for delivering on customer commitments.

VoxPilot lets you readily see, measure and manage activity across all distribution centers. If problems bubble up, you can drill down to underlying causes and select options to remedy them. This drives unfailing productivity, accuracy and performance.

Your secret weapon for surpassing expectations.

VoxPilot puts you in control of critical factors such as worker productivity, shorts, errors and more. The dashboard is easily tailored to each user's function, giving everyone from warehouse managers to logistics executives the data they need to power decisions.

  • Full Integration with Voxware VMS. Maintain complete operational visibility, relying on VoxPilot's innovative capabilities to compound the benefits of working with the industry's leading voice solution.
  • Real-time data analytics. The dashboard user interface makes easy work of knowing what's going on at all times. Graphic displays translate critical data into visuals that speed comprehension and prompt appropriate actions.
  • Role-based views and highly usable reports. Tailored to individual users based on their functional responsibilities, VoxPilot gives your entire team the real-time analytics and historical reports they need to excel.
  • Exception-based management. Set key performance alerts based on configurable thresholds and immediately direct managers' attention to an area of critical need -- so you can avert crises before they develop.
  • Friendly competition. Spurred on by healthy competition with their peers, employees monitor how they are performing during shifts and can make improvements to personal productivity.
  • Fast response to changing demands. Use VoxPilot to execute swift adjustments -- such as moving an order fulfillment to the top of a queue or reallocating workers on the fly.

Customer Highlight

Puerto Rico Supplies Group

VoxPilot helped PRSG exceed accuracy goals and beat the competition.

Experience the benefits. (Your customers surely will.)

  • Faster responsiveness to changing dynamics.
  • Rapid resource optimization.
  • Greater accuracy and productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • More collaborative distribution processes.
  • Heightened customer loyalty.

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“For me the peace of mind is huge. We have a command center in Richmond where we can view key operational data from all of our DCs, as things are happening. This allows us to anticipate issues and make adjustments before a crisis develops.”

Jeff Williamson, Senior Vice President of Operations
Performance Food Group (PFG)

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Ice cream distributor achieves 98.8% picking accuracy.

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