Why Cloud VMS

All of voice’s benefits with a faster ROI: Cloud VMS.

Now every distribution operation can gain the picking accuracy, speed and improved service levels that come with deploying a voice solution. Voxware® Cloud VMS offers you all of voice’s advantages, while eliminating the upfront costs.

  • No large capital expenditure. Our software as a service means there is no IT infrastructure to set up, no complicated implementation projects to manage and no servers to continuously maintain and secure. We take care of it all.
  • Scale as you grow, pay only for what you use. Cloud VMS is accessed by a monthly subscription based on the number of users. You can add users on a temporary basis, then de-commission them as seasonal or atypical demands subside.
  • Keep using your existing systems. Or different ones. Cloud VMS works seamlessly with the operation, system, and processes you already have or may want to adopt. Expect outstanding efficiency – not wholesale change-outs.
  • Fast proficiency and ROI. Velocity has its rewards. Thanks to its quick deployment and training requirements, Cloud VMS can take you from “go” to an impressive voice-assisted picking shift in less than three weeks. Our customers are often surprised at the speed of payback.

“We eliminated the need for capital expense to implement a voice solution.”

Keith Phillips
Voxware President & CEO

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“Within the first four months of using Voxware, we have noticed accuracy improve by 30% and we know that it’s
going to continue to improve,”

– Bobby Robinson, Manager of Ridgefield Operations, Mission Health

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