Is Your Voice Solution Engineered for Change?


Today’s warehouse is a dynamic place where best-in class enterprises continuously refine business processes in order to improve the competitive cost advantage they already enjoy. An increasing number have deployed voice technology and reaped the cost and customer service rewards that come from boosting worker performance.

But many paid a high price that only became evident as time passed.

Traditional voice systems for warehousing operations are “programmed point solutions” – customized software written specifically for a given situation. While the idea of a tailored solution “built to fit” seems attractive, there is a big downside: lack of flexibility and the cost of buying additional services from the voice vendor when changes are needed.

Unfortunately, the very technology that provides huge cost savings can become an anchor that inhibits what best-in-class enterprises need most: agility.

The solution – adaptive voice software – is easy to promise but difficult to deliver. This white paper discusses the five dimensions of adaptability that modern voice solutions must master. It will use the Voxware Enterprise Voice Architecture as an example of how voice solutions are evolving to better meet the needs of modern enterprises.

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