Voice technology has the potential to deliver substantial cost savings and quality improvements in warehousing operations. Now a mainstream best practice, voice directed operations are gaining wide acceptance, and in tough economic times many companies are rightly looking to voice as a strategy for “doing more with less.”

While there are many successful examples of voice technology in action, unfortunately the landscape is also dotted with failed deployments, cost overruns, and unmet expectations. When a voice project fails, the organization has made one of the three biggest mistakes in deploying voice technology.

None of these mistakes is related to warehousing experience or implementation technique. They are not tactical mistakes made during deployment. Instead, they are strategic errors made during the evaluation phase, before the decision on specific voice technology.

When a strategy is right, tactical mistakes can be corrected. When a strategy is wrong, flawless tactical execution cannot compensate. This paper identifies the three biggest strategic errors companies make when evaluating voice technology. By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid them and maximize your return on investment from voice.

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