Why We’re Different

What Makes Voxware® Solutions Different?

Deliver a superior customer experience. Stay on top of market and supply chain dynamics. Exceed accuracy and efficiency demands. Voxware brings you these benefits and more.

Three essential characteristics make Voxware’s solutions superior.


  • Achieve outstanding accuracy across the board. Our voice solutions consistently drive up to 99.99% picking accuracy, and the insightful analytics provided by Intellestra® enable customers to anticipate and quickly address changes in customers’ expectations and fluctuations in demand. All leading to precision execution.
  • Turn complex data into graphical presentations. Charts and graphs clarify crucial analyses and hasten comprehension so decisions can be made at the earliest opportunity.
  • Ensure continuous voice recognition. Voxware’s proprietary Voice Integrated Speech Engine technology always recognizes even the most diverse workforce with 100% accuracy, in spite of extremely loud background noise and harsh conditions.


  • Predict and respond to problems before they can occur. How far can you look into the future with Intellestra predictive analytics? Purpose built for the supply chain, Intellestra shines light on realities and possibilities that general-use Business Intelligence tools never think to consider. It combines real-time data from practically any source to give your distribution center the power to avert potential problems, make critical decisions, prevent and eliminate mistakes and improve your customers’ experience.
  • Bring in data from any source. To get the complete picture, you need the right data – all the right data. Intellestra makes it easy to access data from all kinds of sources that can affect your distribution operation, including order entries, sales forecasts, employee performance metrics, transportation records, weather information and traffic reports. And, we provide graphical integration tools to keep the process simple.
  • Put visibility in the hands of the people who need it. Simple graphics present the supply chain information business users want to see – all in one place – and in an intuitive format with graphs and charts so that trouble spots and opportunities can be pinpointed and acted on immediately.


  • Easily configure to your operational requirements. From the workflows in our Voxware Voice Management Solution (VMS) to the supply chain analytics of Intellestra, our solutions adapt to your needs. You’re never “stuck” with a highly customized solution that won’t adapt along with you.
  • Enjoy hardware independence. Voxware runs interchangeably on leading hardware devices and technology systems, so you benefit from varying platforms and multimodal options. Along with the ability to use Voxware solutions in multiple sites that are concurrently operating different hardware and applications.
  • Benefit from a lower cost of ownership. You have the flexibility to deploy Voxware’s VMS solution in the Cloud, on your servers or on Voxware’s server, or as part of your internal IT framework. With Cloud VMS, you can quickly take advantage of changes, product enhancements and new releases as they become available – without paying excessive upgrade or consulting fees.

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