Get the most out of your DC with Voxware.

Replenishment & Putaway

  • Prioritize tasks; batch multiple tasks
  • Avoid shorts & skips
  • Perform added verification for 100% accuracy
  • Identify pallets or products

Cycle Counting

  • Integrate picking tasks to optimize work
  • Maximize accuracy via continuous inventory validation
  • Capture expiration dates, lot, serial numbers & quantity


  • Choose picking mode: Each, case, full pallet & batch
  • Pick single or multiple orders to multiple locations
  • Employ multi-level dialog strategies for extreme accuracy & productivity
  • Optimize workforce by distributing and prioritizing tasks

Receiving & Returns

  • Determine return viability with product-specific checklist sequences
  • Improve accuracy with voice, scan & image capture of serial numbers, measurements & notes
  • Reduce liability & risk

Outbound Loading

  • Coordinate pallets, loads, doors & trailers
  • Confirm correct worker location (door & trailer)
  • If size dictates, change load to a different door or add trailer

Packing & Shipping

  • Use product-specific instructions, avoid packing errors
  • Capture final product (high-cost items) on video/image to reduce liability
  • Do pre-shipping QC check

Picking E-Commerce

  • Streamline high-volume picking
  • Speed picking using multimodality with multi-SKU's
  • Optimize training for temporary workers & peak times

Put-to-Store/Kitting/ Put-to-Light

  • Support fast, daily/hourly distribution of product
  • Maximize multi-order put-to-pallet using lights
  • Boost accurate Kit assembly and delivery


Descriptive: work in progress, most frequently picked items, etc.
Diagnostic: productivity by user & facility, exceptions, etc.
Prescriptive: demand forecasts, truck loading & scheduling, etc.
Predictive: labor management, traffic & weather analysis, etc.