Serving Customers Remains Voxware’s Number One Priority During COVID-19 Pandemic

Serving Customers Remains Voxware’s Number One Priority During COVID-19 Pandemic

Voxware is open and operating at full capacity in these unprecedented times. Voxware understands the critical nature its solution plays in enabling its customers to meet their customer demands.

Thanks in part to policies, procedures and a distributed work model it started implementing in 2012, Voxware continues to maintain the high-level of support that its customers expect. In today’s mobile workforce world, it’s hard to function without access to all critical data. That is why all Voxware systems required for the company to operate are housed in secure cloud data centers making them well prepared for the challenges presented throughout the virus outbreak.

Voxware continues to serve its customers while doing everything they can to protect the health and safety of its employees, customers and partners around the world. They continue to seamlessly deliver services and value and its software is playing a role in supporting its healthcare, food and beverage and grocery customers keep shelves stocked and supplies readily available.

While Voxware has activated its business continuity plans and continues to do its part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 by implementing travel restrictions, virtual meetings and work from home plans, it’s otherwise business as usual.

In fact, Voxware has been able to take advantage of technologies readily available to handle their traditional on-site walkthroughs remotely. Voxware’s system design experts can ‘walk with’ prospects through the distribution center to help design the ideal solution for their environment. So even with travel restrictions in place, there is no slow down for implementation. New customers are currently being onboarded and these companies will be better prepared for the impending surge of consumer demand.

Lastly, Voxware continues to monitor information from The World Health Organization, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and other state and federal government agencies and will make adjustments as necessary.

Until then, you can contact Voxware through its website, by phone (609) 570-6800, or by working with the sales rep assigned to your territory. From everyone at Voxware, stay safe and continue to practice the safeguards put in place in your area.

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